Closing Words: Hannah

I really enjoyed my trip to the Bahamas. I learned a wealth of knowledge about many things in addition to diabetes. Going into the course I could only expect so much because I have never been to the Bahamas and have never done diabetes education. While in the Bahamas I learned how to adapt to cultural differences, how to teach at different developmental levels, and to be flexible. I really liked that I had the opportunity to learn a lot about the Bahamian culture and the marine life. As a nursing student I encounter many patients with diabetes. I was intrigued and excited at this unique learning experience to learn more about the diabetes and prevention methods. My favorite learning experience was when I got to work with a podiatrist and do diabetic foot assessments. I was able to ask Dr. Mitchell many questions and have her show me techniques for caring for diabetic’s feet. It was an awesome experience and I would love to do it again!

While studying abroad the best techniques and or advice I would give to another student would be to be open minded, forget about sticking to a schedule (be flexible), try new things, do something that makes you uncomfortable, and talk to people that make you nervous. I got the most out of my trip because I did so many things that were outside of my comfort zone such as eating a termite, kayaking, talking to intimidating professors that have PhD’s, and eating things I normally would never try. Teaching at times was also out of my comfort zone but I worked with my team members and always had a game plan. The other important advice I would give would be to go with the flow. I never knew what to expect every time we taught so having the ability to go with the flow was beneficial. I would highly recommend that other students take the chance to study abroad. I would also suggest that they take a course that is new to them. On our trip we had a Mass Communication major and she brought a lot to our group and learning environment because she had different skill sets than those of us with health backgrounds. Although it was a course that I had some knowledge in I would take it again because it is so beneficial to me as a student.

I also want to say thank you to all my classmates and both professors. Each person taught me something new and how to look at situations from different perspectives. Thank you Janet and Jay for letting us have an open learning environment and not turning down our questions no matter how silly they may have seemed. This course is certainly beneficial to Linfield students.