Welcome to the HHPA 398: Island Health Care: Type 2 Diabetes in the Bahamas class blog!

This blog is a place for the students and faculty to share their thoughts and experiences leading up to, on and after their month-long excursion to the Bahamas with parents, family and friends back home. This Linfield College  January term course provides students with the opportunity to interact with Bahamian people and to learn about health related challenges on the islands of the Bahamas.

In 2012, Janet and Jay lead the first group of Linfield College “Bahamacats” to the Bahamas and are excited for the new experiences that the 2014 class will bring!

Check the blog frequently for updated posts and pictures from the trip!

**To quickly locate specific posts, scroll to the bottom of any page.  Enjoy 🙂


  • Janet Peterson, DrPH, FACSM
  • Jay Swenberger,  RN, BSN, MA, CDE

2014 Students

  • Amelia Christy ( BSN ’15)
  • Veronica Herrara (HED’14)
  • Miranda Hire (Ex Sci ’16)
  • Kendra Howard (BSN ’15)
  • Katelyn Hurliman (Gen Sci ’15)
  • Hannah Langley (BSN ’14)
  • David Lee (BSN ’15)
  • Sarah Mason (Mass Com ’15)  – Blog Master!
  • Casey Thein (BIOL ’15)
  • Pendrey Trammell (Biochem/Molecular Bio ’16)

2012 Students:

  • Carly Cunningham, (BSN ’12)
  • Don DeFrang, (Ex Sci ’12)
  • Kelsey Franklin (Ex Sci ’12)
  • Annie Hamilton (Ex Sci ’12)
  • Christian Hanna (Ex Sci ’12)
  • Erika Helm-Buckman (Ex Sci ’12)
  • Brody Kadow (AT ’12)
  • Travis Kinane (Ex Sci ’12)
  • Allison Koepsell (pBSN ’14)
  • Taylor Lovell (BSN ’13)
  • Nick Rawlings (AT ’12)
  • Rosemarie Seifert (BSN ’12)

*The opinions expressed in this blog are those of the authors and not of Linfield College.


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