Closing Words: Veronica

I have always dreamed about studying abroad, wasn’t sure where but I knew it had to be somewhere warm! When I heard about the Island Health care in the Bahamas: type 2 diabetes, I knew it was the one. First, because I have a great passion for diabetes prevention and two because it was in the Bahamas a new place and new culture experience. Throughout the entire trip I  learned many things about myself on both personal and academic level. I was able to broaden my horizon with the multiple activities and experiences I was exposed to. I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone, academically, culturally, and personally. Learning about another culture is always very interesting but living the culture is even more, you get the real picture and the real deal. It was always nice being able to compare the Bahamian culture with the American and Mexican culture. I have grown a little more as a well rounded person. My favorite part of this journey was teaching and spending time with the kids at the schools as well as learning of the health care system in the Bahamas which will come in handy as I pursue my education in global health. I recommend this course to anyone who is willing to step out of their comfort zone and wanting to broaden their healthcare knowledge in chronic disease prevention.