High rock, sharks and DCMS wellness fair: Amelia Christy (1-29)

Today we started the day off a little slow with some free time to recuperate from our kayak trip. The weather was warm and it was absolutely stunning so we decided to head out to high rock (a small, 15-foot rock cliff from which we could jump into the ocean from). We rode our bikes out to the rock with great anticipation, only to arrive and find the tide was out just a tad too far, so jumping was not the safest option! Instead, we ended up jumping off some smaller rocks and just floated in the sea for a while looking at the small critters in the shallow waters.

After our failed attempt of jumping off high rock, we worked on our presentations for the Island School staff, interns and anyone else who wanted to learn about Type II Diabetes/what we have been actually doing during our time on the island. My group opted to head out to the marina so we could work on our presentation on the docks. Luckily for us the fisherman were there cleaning their fish and the sharks were having a feeding frenzy! It was fascinating to watch, seeing as we had only seen one or two sharks previously. We spent a large chunk of time watching the nurse and bull sharks feed and didn’t get quite as far on our project as we had hoped, but it was so worth it!


DCMS Wellness Fair

Later in the evening we went to DCMS to run a wellness fair, but nobody showed up. So instead we spent the evening practicing blood pressures on ourselves. We later learned that there was a church event that everyone was at. Hopefully the next wellness fair we have will be more productive!