Green Castle Primary School and Island School Wellness Fair! Pendrey (1-23)

Today was just another wonderful day in paradise! We started our day off presenting diabetes education to third through sixth grades at Green Castle Primary School. The kids were so polite and well behaved, and we all had so much fun teaching them. I got the opportunity to chat with one of the teachers there and she explained to me how several of her family members have Type II Diabetes. Many of her family members have developed severe complications from their diabetes. As I was talking with her, she told me that children here are not being educated about the true severity of the disease and the preventative measures that can be taken to help prevent the development of Type II Diabetes.

This conversation in particular reminded me of the true reason that we are all down here. Sure, gorgeous beaches, picturesque sunsets and sunrises and new adventures may surround us everyday, but we also have the opportunity to change people’s lives here. Every person that we can educate about prevention is one more person that can potentially avoid developing Type II Diabetes. I feel so incredibly blessed to be able to help the Bahamian people because I think that our group is truly making a difference. Nothing makes me happier here than when I see that the kids truly understand what we are teaching!

Another great event today was our first wellness fair that we held at Island School. We were able to screen about 45 people. It was an awesome first experience for all of us, and I would have to say that it was very successful! The Deep Creek Middle School after school program came to visit the fair, and several of us got to see our reading buddies from the previous times that we had been there. It was great to see all of the kids getting their blood pressures measured and testing their grip strength. Having our first fair at the Island School was a great preparation for our next one in a few days. Everyone was able to get a little more comfortable with all of the tests, and we got to meet some awesome people as they came through the fair. As could be expected, the grip strength test was the liveliest! I could hear everyone cheering each other on as they tested, and I’m sure that all the people involved got a few laughs from it too!

We ended the day by attending a presentation on sharks in a few reefs in Australia. It was very interesting to listen to, and I love that we get the chance to learn about a different subject area while we are here. Since we’re the only group of our kind on campus, I feel like I’m getting the chance to learn something new every day! All in all, it was a wonderful and productive day. We even got a chance to do some laundry and catch the sunset. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the trip holds in store for all of us! Yay Bahamacats!!!