Field trips with DCMS, kayak trip prep and more pasting! Miranda Hire (1-24)

Today was yet another beautiful day in paradise. We started off the day bright and early in the morning and headed to Deep Creek Middle School to tag along on their class field trips. My group was Casey, David, Pendrey, Amelia and I. We went with the 7th grade class to Fourth Hole Beach and explored the different organisms living in the reefs. The second group was Kendra, Katie and Sarah. They went with the 8th grade class to the Princess Cays and Rock Sound to research garbage, recycling and other conservation methods in tourist areas. The last group was Hannah and Veronica and they helped the 9th grade class work on their research projects.

On the 7th grade field trip, we arrived at Fourth Hole, which is just a bike ride away from the Island School, and started off with a team building exercise that focused on communication. Each of us was teamed up with two other buddies and were sent to explore the reef during low tide. We found a lot of cool things, like fish, sea sponges, different types of coral, sea snails, a starfish and other types of ocean life. We recorded our findings and enjoyed playing around in the water and checking out the reef. After lunch, we got all geared up to go snorkeling. The teachers and students all had wetsuits, while the five of us were only in our swimsuits. The hot sun was blazing down on us, so the cool water actually felt quite nice. We swam around for a while with our buddy groups and saw some jellyfish, coral, barnacles and lots and lots of awesome fish. It was pretty stellar to hang out with the kids and be able to learn about science, swim around in the ocean and just hang out on the beach. All of us worked really well with the kids! We then headed back to Deep Creek Middle School and watched part of the students’ Junkanoo practice in the street. They are looking really good! I’m looking forward to seeing everything come together during the real thing!

After we said our goodbyes to the kids for the day, we headed back to the Island School. Then we practiced pitching tents and grabbed some of our gear for our camping trip that is coming up this Sunday. When we were done, some of us went down to Sunset Beach to catch some more rays and relax, but it was actually quite chilly from the wind, so we biked back to the school and hung out for a bit until dinner time.

After dinner, six of us (Kendra, Pendrey, Sarah, Amelia, David and I) plus Janet and Jay took a trip back to Deep Creek Middle School to help paste and put a few finishing touches on the Junkanoo costumes… 4.5 hours later and with hands stuck together by glue, we made it out alive…very tired and very ready for bed. Even though the work was extremely tedious and tiring, I had a blast helping out with the pasting while jamming to music and talking with friends.

The community has put so much work into all of the costumes and other crafts that are apart of the big event. Everything looks incredible– I can’t wait to see it in action tomorrow during the Junior Junkanoo!