Central Eleuthera High School, Emma Cooper Primary School, Tippy’s and Beach House: Kendra Howard (1-30)

Leaving at 8:30 this morning, we all knew we had a busy day ahead of us because we weren’t going to be back to the Island School until around midnight. But it was definitely a day well worth it. We had our last day of teaching today, it was very bittersweet. I have loved teaching the students about diabetes and I felt like everyone had finally become comfortable interacting with all the different age groups and had the knowledge and information needed to be taught down to a tee.

Teaching with Ms. Pauls

Teaching at Central Eleuthera High School with Ms. Pauls

First we went to Central Eleuthera High School where we had two twelfth grade classes and an eleventh grade class to teach, so we split into three groups to teach. I started in the classroom, as was Pendrey before the two of us were pulled aside to take some of the faculty members’ blood glucose levels and blood pressure. It was super fun! I had not yet had the opportunity to test people at the schools we have visited and it turned out to be really great! We definitely had some laughs while testing the faculty and the people we were testing made a little competition out of it, which was great to see. After we tested everyone that wanted it done, Pendrey and I went back to our separate classrooms for the end of the teaching session. This high school group was hard to interact with and keeping their attention was nearly impossible, which made it difficult to teach. It was still a great experience working with the older students because my class was full of 25 twelfth graders, so they were already pretty educated about Type II Diabetes.


Learning how to crack a coconut.

After we finished, we all headed to lunch with one of Janet and Jay’s good friend, who they call their “Bahama Mama,” Mrs. Paulette. She was a hoot! I loved talking with her! The first thing she did when I met her was give me a huge a hug, and it was so sweet. We ate our packed lunch on a dock at the beach in Palm Meadow Point, which was beautiful. At one point during our lunch break Dave and Casey found a coconut and decided to break it open. It was the highlight of our lunch because we all were able to try fresh coconut water and the meat of the coconut.  It was seriously the best coconut I have ever had.

Teaching at Emma Cooper

Emma Cooper Primary School

Then we went to the last school we would teach at for the trip Emma Cooper Primary School. It was the perfect place to end because we all were able to teach the class together. It was a huge class  of third through sixth graders. It was so hot in the classroom! Everyone was sweaty, so we taught for about 30-45 minutes about diabetes, which was fun because the kids were so polite and participated every chance they had. After we taught, we decided to go play outside for about another hour. We played basketball, soccer, duck-duck-goose and danced around their play area. I had a blast! It could not have been a better place to end our teaching experience in the Bahamas.

After we finished teaching we had a really fun evening planned. We went to a beach on the Atlantic side, which was probably the most beautiful and amazing beach I had swam in and been on all trip. The water was so clear and warm and it looked and felt like I was swimming in a saltwater pool or something. And then of course the sand was pink and the softest and finest sand I have felt yet. It was a great place to relax with everyone. We all swam for about an hour and then layed out until we headed over for what would be a delicious dinner at a restaurant called Tippy’s. The food was absolutely amazing and it was just an all around fun dinner to say the least.

dinner at Tippies

Dinner at Tippys

Once everyone was in a food coma, Janet and Jay decided to take us to this place called the Beach House. It was a poppin’ place. There was live music, dessert and drinks, so we all hung out there for the rest of the night and danced to some real authentic Bahamian music. It was a blast and I didn’t want to leave! Today was an incredible day and I am definitely going to miss teaching the students during the last couple days that we have left here in the Bahamas, but I would not have wanted today to end any other way.

Kendra Howard