Junior Junkanoo and Wellness Fair! David Lee (1-25)

During the morning hours of this beautiful day we all went to sunset beach and snorkeled while Kendra and Katie got an introduction to scuba diving. The snorkel spot we went to was amazing. There was a huge 60-foot crater that we could swim around and free dive into. Not much sea life there but the terrain was what made the spot for me.

Shortly after lunch we boarded the van and headed up to Governor’s Harbor to get ready for Junior Junkanoo. We got there a couple hours early and set up a wellness fair among the delicious smelling food vendors. The wellness fair wasn’t as popular as we were hoping, but we were able test blood pressure and blood glucose for 25 Bahamians.


The festivities of Junior Junkanoo started a couple hours later. Six primary schools, one middle school and two high schools danced and paraded down Queens Highway from 5 p.m. until well after we left at 11 p.m. I think the entire population of Eluethera was in attendance. My favorite school was Deep Creek Middle School, mainly because we all spent countless hours preparing their elaborate costumes.

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This festival tops the list of our most enjoyable experiences on the trip. Some were very upset to be pried away from this good time prematurely. I’m sure the streets of Governor’s Harbor were rocking until the sun came up the next day.