Windermere High School and Glass Window

Today we broke into three different groups to teach grades ten, eleven and twelve at Windermere High School in Governor’s Harbour. It was our first time teaching high school students, and I was really nervous because teenagers can sometimes be a little more intimidating than elementary kids. Overall our presentations were awesome. Katie, Miranda, David and I were in the same group and we each presented a section about diabetes. We set up our lesson so that students did most of the talking and teaching. The students did an amazing job participating, most of them were very knowledgeable and I was pretty impressed. We ended our lesson with a brief discussion about college, which I think is a critical topic to talk to high school students interested in furthering their education. Most of the students had great plans for after college, which we were all excited to hear.

After our presentations we drove 45 minutes north of Gregory Town to the northern side of Eleuthera. We arrived at the Glass Window and it was such an amazing site, a work of art created by Mother Nature. The Glass Window is a spot where the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea meet. You can see the contrast between the dark blue color of the Atlantic Ocean and the light turquoise color of the Caribbean Sea. I loved it! The view of where the two bodies of water meet has by far been my favorite part of this trip so far. We sat on the rocks and ate lunch at the Glass Window and took some amazing pictures. Then on our drive back to the Island School, we stopped at a small gift shop where we were able to buy some pretty cool souvenirs! We spent quite a bit of time in there because there were so many awesome things to look at.

Glass Window (Atlantic Ocean on the left and Caribbean Sea on the right)

Glass Window (Atlantic Ocean on the left and Caribbean Sea on the right)

Then we stopped at Deep Creek Middle School where we watched the kids practice their dance for Junkanoo. The girls were dancing and the boys played the drums, trumpets and other instruments. I can’t wait to for the real shebang! After dinner we went back to Deep Creep Middle School because we were supposed to help them with their pasting earlier, but Will (the teacher) had things to do so he asked if we could come back later in the night. We pasted for about two hours, which I really enjoyed because it’s very entertaining and the costumes are looking great!