Snorkeling, Kayak Education and Deep Creek Middle School: Casey

Okay, this trip is going by wayyyy too fast. When we woke up this morning we had a little bit of an idea about what was in store for us, and we were all pretty excited. After breakfast, we headed to one of the classrooms below our dorm for a presentation to help us better identify the various species of fish found swimming in the coral reefs in Eleuthera. It was actually pretty cool since none of us have a background in marine biology. We are all brand new to the process of identifying the thousands of species of fish that inhabit the crystal clear waters of the Bahamas. After the presentation, we all headed to a location near us nicknamed “Fourth Hole.” The snorkeling spot got its name because it was near where the fourth hole on a golf course would have been had funding not run out on the project and fell through. Right off the beach at this spot, there was a beautiful coral reef, and we all know what that means…SNORKELING! The fish that inhabited the reef were so vibrantly colored. It’s kind of cool to see some of the same fish seen on the Discovery Channel; however, when you see the same fish in person, they are twice as beautiful.
After snorkeling we came back and grabbed some lunch before meeting up for our kayak lesson! Since we have a kayaking/camping trip coming up in about a week and many of us are beginners in the world of kayaking, one of the instructors at the Island School helped us become more acquainted with the kayaks. We learned the different parts of the kayak and the equipment that will be needed during our trip. We also got to paddle around for a little bit and actually got to practice a “wet exit” in case the kayak is to flip over while we are out on the water. A little scary, but really fun at the same time!

Our day concluded with us traveling back to Deep Creek Middle School, which we are all becoming pretty familiar with by now. Some of us helped the kids work on research projects while some of us read with the students. The kids are always so excited to see us, and seeing them smile is some of the greatest things we get to see on this trip. Looking forward to doing a little more teaching tomorrow! Until next time!

casey thein