Homestay: Tarpum Bay (Miranda)

This past weekend Katie and I took a trip back to Tarpum Bay and got to stay with a beautiful woman named Betty Lyn Carey. When I first heard we were going back to Tarpum Bay for our home stay I was so excited because we had visited there earlier in the week. The ocean was right next to the small settlement and the primary school where we did our first presentation was located in Tarpum Bay as well. I didn’t really know what else to expect going into the homestay, so I mostly tried to keep an open mind.

Katie and I were the last to be dropped off Friday evening. We pulled up to this cute little blue two-story house with a porch swing on the front deck and just across the street was the dock and the clear blue-green water. We had taken pictures at this very spot just a few days earlier. It was pretty cool to think that we had just been there and were now returning for a new adventure.

The view from our house

Janet and Jay dropped us off and we were warmly welcomed by a middle-aged yet very youthful woman, Betty Lyn, and her 11-year-old daughter, Traliyah. Also visiting for the weekend was Betty’s 1-year-old and as-cute-as-can-be grandson, Tramesio. We visited with them and played with the adorable little munchkin Tramesio while we waited for Betty’s husband, Roddie, to return home with our dinner. We ate cheeseburgers, fries and coke. Later that night, Katie and I joined Traliyah and played Xbox Kinect, and then ended the night by relaxing and watching T.V.

Traliyah and Tramesiosweet Tramesio


On Saturday, Katie and I were able to sleep in and then ate cereal for breakfast. Betty told us that there was a “Dog Show” happening at the park, so we decided to check it out. The walk would have probably been only about 5 minutes, so we offered to walk; however, Betty insisted that she drive us, so we hopped in her SUV and went to the park. We got there early so we chatted with some locals, played a lot of basketball with the kids, and met up with our fellow classmates who were also staying in Trapum Bay– Casey, David, Veronica and Hannah. After wandering around downtown, eating infamous Conch fritters with baked macaroni and watching the retired white people walk their dogs around, Katie and I headed back to our little home on the waterfront. I helped Traliyah and her friend Danika with their science project, which involved making the solar system out of paper mâché. Then later for dinner we had homemade lasagna with extra meat and cheese and garlic bread on the side. We watched the girls play Xbox Kinect, watched T.V. and played a few board and card games with Traliyah before bed.

On Sunday morning we got all dressed up for church. Betty informed us that there probably wouldn’t be very many people attending since it was so cold outside (it was a tad overcast, but still approximately 71 degrees!). This made Katie and I chuckle. Then the four of us went to church, mind you Betty and Traliyah were all bundled up in warm clothes. The church service was a blast. Everyone was hugging us and we were singing and praising The Lord as happy as can be. Traliyah performed her dance with the rest of her church group, and listened to the pastor preach. I may have some hearing damage from the loud volume, but it was quite a fun experience. After church we took some pictures dressed in our Sunday best, then we drove home (literally right down the street). Betty made us a ton, literally a ton, of the traditional Bahamian food– macaroni, peas and rice, ribs, chicken, yams, cole slaw, plantains and corn. It was soooooo good. I helped Traliyah with her science project again for a while as Tramesio payed us a visit again ad tried to finger paint with his auntie. We played with him for a while and took some cute photos, and then it was time to go back to the Island School. We took some family photos in front of the cute little blue house, and then said our goodbyes.

Sunday brunch


Overall this experience was by far one of my favorite thus far. I loved staying with Betty and her daughter, they were the kindest and sweetest people I have ever met. I really hope that one day I can return to this place– both the sights and the people are truly beautiful.