When the students are away….

Jay and I spend much of our day to day time away from the students preparing for the next lesson, activity or day.  We make phone calls to schools, check on the next meal, repackage gear and keep Island Schools updated.  We rarely get much down time on a daily basis.

So when the students leave for their homestays we take a staycation.  Just a day, but a well needed rest.  This year we  enjoyed a relaxing day doing laundry, reading, flying kites, hanging out with Edd, Annabelle and Little Nicky and an evening out with our Island School coordinator and friends, Karen and Ron. Afterwhich we headed out to the Softball game to watch our friend Malley play ball.  The softball games are a riot as the whole town comes out and it gets a little crazy.

The students returned from their homestays just a bit changed.  I think the homestays are one of the many highlights of this trip.  What a fantastic way to  get a first hand peek into the culture of Eleuthera. Live it. We are grateful to the families who opened their homes for our students.  I’ll let the students tell their stories.