Tarpum Bay: Katie Hurliman

Today was our first day of presentations. We started off at Tarpum Bay Elementary School and presented our information as one big group to the fourth, fifth and sixth grade students. As nervous as we all were, it went really well. The students were amazingly welcoming, receptive to our information and super engaged! Some of the students couldn’t wait to ask questions and they asked a bunch of great questions. 

It is amazing to see and experience the difference in culture here. The people are all so kind, friendly and welcoming. Today was the second time in the last two years that Linfield students have visited Tarpum Bay Elementary School, so the teacher said that we are no longer considered visitors, but their friends.

After our presentations we had a little bit of free time to explore around Tarpum Bay. It was absolutely gorgeous; everything was so peaceful and serene. After walking around and enjoying the views, we made our way to Ocean Hole for lunch. Ocean Hole is a spot in Rock Sound where the ocean runs into an enclosed cove from really deep underground tunnels. The depths of the hole are unknown. It was simply breathtaking.

To finish up our afternoon, we visited Deep Creek Primary School to help the students prepare the Junior Junkanoo by helping glue and glitter their costumes. It was really cool to see how big of a deal Junkanoo is to the people here and how involved the whole community is in the process leading up to the festival. Overall, it was a really great first day of being in the classrooms.