We made it to Eleuthera: David Lee

Today was a travel day so we started it off right by getting our fitness on at 8 a.m. Janet created an awesome work out that incorporated both land and aqueous exercises. After breakfast we gathered at the beach for a much-needed refresher on the purpose of our trip, which is educating the Bahamian people about Type 2 diabetes. Janet and Jay offered some great ideas about how to connect with and appropriately educate middle school aged students on the physiology, risk factors and complications that accompany Type 2 diabetes. They also offered examples of simple lifestyle changes that can be made to prevent and limit the complications. We finished the session by playing a game that incorporated exercise. We plan on stealing most of their information for our own teaching sessions targeted at primary school children.

At noon we were dropped off at the airport in Nassau where we boarded a small plane that took us to our final destination: Eleuthera. As soon as the plane landed I began to understand the magnitude of what everyone on Nassau had been telling us. The airport was a small one-story building and the “baggage claim” was a cart 50 yards away from our plane where everyone sifted through a pile of bags to find their own, very different from the United States and even the airport on Nassau. After we grabbed our bags  we were greeted by Karen and Kenzie, two workers from the Island School, who drove us to the Island School. The drive from the airport was 30 minutes and prime for watching the sunset. During the drive we passed through a few small settlements comprised of a half dozen houses and maybe a single market. We were all so excited that we had finally reached paradise.

At the Island school we participated in the dish crew, ate dinner, were given a small presentation on the rules and expectations of the Island School and then we were released to our open air dorms to rest up for our 6:45 a.m. bike ride around the premises. Yes, it happened that fast.