Sunday: Day Off!: Amelia Christy

Today was our first full day off! We split into two groups early on and Janet, Jay, Veronica and I started off our day traveling via catamaran to Rose Island. It was my first time on a catamaran with a full sail. It was a smooth, sunny and delightful ride. We sailed for about three miles out to a coral reef where we snorkeled for an hour, which, in my opinion, was simply not enough time. I can’t wait to get back out there later during the trip! The catamaran crew fed the fish, so that when we entered the water, it felt as though the fish to water ratio was quickly reaching equilibrium. Veronica was a trooper, seeing as she had never snorkeled before, she caught on quickly! After snorkeling, we headed to Rose Island and had a couple hours to chill on the beach and eat lunch. Lunch was delicious (BBQ, salad and a bunch of fruit!). The beach was a long sandy strip with no buildings, just people from our catamaran and a few other privately owned boats. The island felt very secluded. Once the catamaran trip was over, we headed to the Atlantis resort to walk around the resort for a while. We gave ourselves a little self-guided tour and spent a bunch of time looking at all the critters in the exhibits. One of the coolest things that I saw by far was a sawfish. I had never seen one before and was blown away by how interesting their faces looked! At the end of this self-guided tour, we took a water taxi back to the downtown area where we watched a cruise ship leave the harbor while we ate dinner. This concluded our last full day before heading off to Eleuthera!