Great Commission: Veronica Herrera

Like we say in Mexico “un dis inolvidable,” an unforgettable day! Our service involved interacting with the most cheerful, outgoing kids in Nassau. Working at the missionary was the best experience so far. We left Orange Hill at 9 a.m. and headed downtown to Great Commission where were warmly welcomed. Their mission at Great Commission is to serve the unfortunate by dressing them, feeding them and teaching the kids about religion. Our group was split up into smaller groups that either spent time with the kids, helped organize donated clothing or helped preapre lunch. Katie, Pendry, Miranda and I got to work with 3-12 year old children. We were taken to a class on the second floor and the kids were lined up to sign in. As we were waiting in line with them we got to talk and get to know them. We asked them questions and played hand games with them. They were very playful and willing to interact with us. In fact they put all their trust in us and interacted with us as if they had known us forever. As soon as every kid was able to sign in they sat down in the classroom while we introduced ourselves. Next thing we knew, we were all signing songs like “Let it Shine.” It was wonderful, best feeling ever. Watching every single kid signing and smiling was the best thing ever, seeing them sing along filled my heart with joy and happiness. After we sang, the kids were given workbooks that had lessons about Jesus and his disciples. At the end of the chapter there were questions to answer about the stories that they had just read. It was nice working with them because it reminded me of my job at home, which is America Reads. I was really impressed with the number of kids who knew how to read and write pretty well. After the lesson, the kids had free time to do what every they wanted, which was play with their friends, watch television or read books. We were able to get to know the kids on a more personal level. There were two little kids that I really connected with; Jason and Sean. Jason was 9 years old and reminded me so much of my 8 year old nephew. He was funny and bright, I loved spending time with him. The girls were crazy about our hair, all they wanted to do was braid it and all the boys wanted to do was take pictures on our cameras and phones. We spent a long time with the kids and when it was time to leave, it was hard to say goodbye. It was hard to say goodbye to the kids, but I will always remember them as one of my favorite experiences in the Bahamas. We thanked them for allowing us to share time with them and for letting us be part of their day.

I left with a big smile on my face, and I am sure I was not the only one!