Veronica Herrera: Introduction

My topic was on healthcare systems which to my surprise was not easy to analyze because of the limited data available. Throughout my research I was able to find out that expenditures on health care are usually higher compared to other countries in the Caribbean. Government spends 64% of the gross domestic product on health care per capita per total health expenditures (Purdy 2013). Infant mortality in 2009 ranked the country 93rd in the world. Life expectancy at birth for Bahamian people is only 66 years, ranking the country at 158th in life expectancy among 226 countries in the world.

For the first time in years and in history the Bahamas Census of 2010 asked a question about health insurance. The Census reported that 184,477 or 52% of the population did not have health insurance. The censuses results also show that female are more likely to have private health insurance; 47% of them were insured compared to 45% of males (Department of Statistics of the Bahamas, 2013).

Health care is a critical topic in most countries and universal health care is even more. The Bahamas is committed to Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and the government is working on instituting several healthcare reforms as well as to broaden the safety net for the most vulnerable members of the population (Purdy 2013). It will be interesting to know what steps the government will take in order to achieve universal health coverage in the islands.