Day 2: Pendrey Trammell

To start the day, we picked up Andrea, who led us through the different medical clinics we toured today. She was very sweet and seemed to know just about every one we saw! We had the opportunity to tour three different medical clinics today, which were Gambia, South Beach, and Flemming Street Clinics. It was a definite eye-opener to see the facilities they have here for medical care. Everything from diabetes, to pre-natal care, to dentistry was seen in one single building. It was a shock for me because in the US, many specialties have their own building or wings to treat patients in.  It was also odd to see dental care housed in the same facilities as medical care.

Gambia Clinic was the smallest clinic we saw today. It only had about eight functioning rooms, including their lab and pharmacy. Flemming Street was larger, yet you could still tell that it was for the lower-class population here. They had more rooms, nurses, and a few doctors on sight. The nurse we spoke with there was very well versed, professional, and passionate about what she did. South beach was the nicest of the clinics we saw today. It was larger and grouped like specialties into different wings. After visiting the clinics, we got to speak to a doctor who deal with the three chronic health disorders of type 2 diabetes, asthma, and hypertension. She was very helpful and stressed that education on diabetes is incredibly important in patient compliance and lifestyle change.

After all of the tours, we went to the beach outside our hotel to swim and walk along the shore. The water felt amazing and warm! We walked about a mile to our dinner at Traveller’s rest where the food was amazing and the location just as wonderful. All in all, it was a fantastic first day in the Bahamas!