Visiting Clinics & A Little Free Time: Casey Thein

What a first day!! We finally have arrived in the Bahamas and man, we sure did hit the ground running. We woke up in our hotel (beautiful, absolutely love, amazing) this morning and all had some breakfast before heading out for the day. On the morning agenda was visiting three separate public health clinics, also called polyclinics.
First up, the Fleming Street Clinic

First up, the Fleming Street Clinic

This new word, polyclinics, really did fit. It was soooo different from what I was used to seeing back in the U.S. They handled everything here!! Each clinic was not very large, but treated people with just about every ailment imaginable. Quite honestly, you could be sitting in one room getting your teeth cleaned by the occasional dentist, having an ultrasound done on your belly in the room next door, and getting blood-work done through the door across the hall. That was amazing to me. The local nurses and assistants were all so nice and kind, I was really impressed considering that we probably just looked like a group of American tourists. Such an eye opening experience, it would be a great to have more help down here though. Lots of patients to be seen with few physicians to see them!

After our morning clinic visits, we grabbed some lunch at a local market. We then got the opportunity to meet two very special people in the diabetes community. From 1pm-3pm we got the chance to meet with the president of the Bahamas Diabetes Association and Dr. Jones, a local physician. In these meeting we learned quite a deal about the local population and their connection to Type 2 Diabetes. We learned what each of these two people did, what kind of patients then generally speak with, and what types of treatment plans they usually suggest for people who are currently living with diabetes. We also got to learn a lot more just about diabetes in general and why it is such a huge problem here in the Bahamas.
It was a very open meeting and we got to ask questions and comment on the discussion that these two professionals were having, which was really cool! We then concluded our day with a little beach time (yes the water is as amazing as you are imagining it to be right now) and then dinner at a local restaurant where the food was AMAZING. I am having the time of my life and it is only day 1. I can’t believe I am here right now! I think it is finally starting to sink in. The class is great, we are all fitting in so well together even though many of us have never known each other before this trip. Can’t wait to see what the rest of this trip has to offer! Until next time!
casey thein