First night in Nassau: Kendra Howard


Running on little to no sleep…our group met at the airport at 4 a.m. Hannah, Sarah, Katie, David, Casey, Miranda, Amelia, Pendrey, Janet, Jay and myself all checked our bags through Delta and boarded the plane shortly after. We officially departed from Portland at 6 a.m. We arrived in Atlanta for a 4-hour layover; I fell asleep on the ground at the terminal after stuffing my face with Qdoba. Everyone looked like walking zombies, but super excited at the same time. It really started to hit that we were leaving for the Bahamas once we boarded the plane going to Nassau from Atlanta after a long day of sitting in the airport. I slept the whole time luckily and I think almost everyone else did too, but this flight was shorter than the first. From Atlanta to Nassau we had a one hour and 37 minute flight. Once we arrived, the warm humidity hit and there was an overwhelming excitement throughout the group. Everyone was beginning to realize that we had actually made it to the Bahamas and the adventures were about to begin! After loading up a cart with all of our luggage and a small bus ride later, we are at the hotel. (We didn’t pack all that light, as you can see!!)


I am writing this blog from the hotel, which is called Orangehill. It is a really cute place with a nice pool and the beach is right across the street! It is pretty hot especially because of the humidity so I think a couple of us are going to take a quick dip in the pool to cool off before going to bed because tomorrow is going to be a long, busy and memorable day!