Pendrey Trammell: Weight Management in Prevention and Control of Type II Diabetes

Weight management plays a key role in the prevention and control of Type II Diabetes. The Mayo Clinic gives five tips for taking control of one’s diabetes prevention and care. Tip one is to get more physical activity, tip two is to get plenty of fiber, tip three recommends to go for whole grains, tip four is to lose excess weight, and tip five is to avoid fad diets. These tips seem fairly self-explanatory, yet they can be easily missed. All of these tips have to do with diet and exercise, which is the focus for weight management.

Being physically active is very important when it comes to losing weight. However, losing weight and exercising can be fun! To get exercise, you can go on a walk with a friend, dance, swim, or even garden. Even if you can only exercise for ten minutes a day, that can begin to make a difference in your health and weight. Find a work out partner to keep you accountable and encourage you, and keep track of your progress.

A healthy diet is also essential to weight loss and management. A diet should be mainly composed of non-starchy vegetable and fruit, lean protein, and then whole grains. These whole grains are full of fiber, which will keep you full and satisfied.

If you can take these simple steps in weight management, it can help prevent and control diabetes in your life. Stay positive, keep yourself accountable, get help when needed, and you will be amazed with the changes you see.