Introduction: Sarah Mason

Hey! My name is Sarah Mason and I am one of only three juniors on the trip. I am a mass communication major and psychology minor…a little bit different from all of the nursing, health education and biology/chemistry students on the trip. The reason I am taking this class is because I am incredibly interested in the health field. I have tinkered back and forth between health related majors and know that I definitely would like my future career to involve the health field. I am from Vancouver, Washington, which is right across the Columbia River from Portland. I am excited to learn more about Type 2 Diabetes while taking this class and be able to reach out and help in whatever way I can to the Bahamian people. For my mass communication courses, I have done extensive research on childhood obesity, and one commonly related disease with obesity is diabetes. I know that Type 2 Diabetes is a very real problem in the United States today and from what I have learned thus far, the Bahamian people are experiencing a similar epidemic. This is my first time out of the country without my parents, so I am a little nervous for the trip, but also looking forward to experiencing the Bahamian culture and beautiful surroundings that the islands have to offer. This trip is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity and I can’t wait for it to begin 🙂