Casey Thein: Introduction

casey thein

Hey there!! My name is Casey Thein and I am currently a junior at Linfield College. I have spent my entire life before coming to Linfield growing up in Burns, a small town in Eastern Oregon. Not many people have heard of Burns since it is so small, but I have really enjoyed growing up there and being surrounded by a wide-open environment of forest and high desert!! I chose to come to Linfield for a variety of different reasons. I came and visited during my senior year of high school and really was taken back by how friendly and warm everyone was to me on campus. Everyone was very kind and social which really made a difference in me wanting to attend this college. I also chose Linfield because I valued the student-teacher relationships that this college provides. Having such small classes allows you to build relationships with the professors that you couldn’t do at a larger school. It is very helpful to be able to go in and talk with your professor in their office basically any time that they are there! The professors actually know you by your name instead of just being a number in a class of 400 students. One final reason I came to Linfield was a combination of the fact that it was in Oregon and that Linfield has a very generous amount of financial aid that it can give out and I was lucky enough to receive some of that to help fund my college experience. This class on Type 2 Diabetes in the Bahamas caught my eye right off the bat because of my interest in healthcare. Both of my parents have worked in hospitals for their professions and I currently am pre-dental here at Linfield. After I graduate, I plan on going to dental school at OHSU up in Portland, Oregon. This class offers me a great opportunity to further my knowledge in the field of healthcare and help bring awareness to the ever-growing prevalence of Type 2 Diabetes. It is also a great opportunity for me to immerse myself in a foreign culture. We will be working around the local population and will learn so much about what goes on in their daily lives and what affect Type 2 Diabetes can have on this unique population. January cannot come soon enough!