Kendra Howard: Introduction


Hi! My name is Kendra Howard and I am a student-athlete at Linfield College and I am studying to become a nurse and earn my Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and I am a soccer player for the Linfield Women’s Soccer Program. I am 21 years old and a junior this year. My hometown is West Linn, Oregon, which is a suburb about 30 minutes outside of Portland, Oregon. I grew up with my two parents, two older sisters and a younger brot

her, as well as a variety of pets! I originally was very interested in attending Linfield College because of the Women’s Soccer Program and I knew I wanted to play soccer in college so that had a major influence on the decision I made, as well as some other aspects. Such as, if the college I wanted to attend had Greek Life because I knew that I wanted to be involved in a sorority, which is why I am now in Alpha Phi and held the Director of Scholarship chair last year. Also it was important to note what majors and minors were offered at the school, if the environment felt right, if the people I met seemed nice, etc. All those things played an important factor in my decision making, but ultimately I chose Linfield because of the great opportunities they offered me in terms of academics and athletics, as well as the atmosphere on campus was unforgettable. I knew it was the place I wanted to go to get my undergraduate degree. At the beginning, my major was not nursing but I knew I wanted to do something in the healthcare field. Exercise Science was my first option but in the end I fou

nd out that what I wanted to do was Nursing, and because of this, I will be transferring to the Portland Nursing Campus in the Spring Term of 2014 to continue on my way to fulfilling my major requirements.

This Jan Term Abroad program in the Bahamas to help educate and study Type 2 Diabetes could not have been a better opportunity for me. I feel so fortunate to be able to go and learn not only about Diabetes, but also learn about the Bahamian culture and lifestyle, and explore new things and new places. I have never been given such an amazing opportunity to help others through educating them and leading by example about what a healthy lifestyle looks like. I chose this specific abroad trip to hopefully have an impact on the local community in the Bahamas by influencing some changes in their health for the better, especially in terms of preventing individuals from getting Type 2 Diabetes. This entire trip is going to be an adventure and I cannot wait! I will be traveling with people I barely know, living with a host family at one point, doing fun island activities, eating foods I never have before and experiencing the Bahamas Junior Junkanoo. I guarantee there will be times where I feel out of my comfort zone or I will have to do something that I maybe necessarily do not want to, but to me that is part of the learning experience of taking a trip like this. I am truly looking forward to those situations in order to help me grow as a person. Overall, I believe this will be a great experience for me as I go into my future career as a nurse but in addition, it will be great because I will gain understanding and knowledge about another country and culture, and be able to try things that I never have before or ever thought I would do. It is about to be a journey that I will never forget and I cannot wait!