Closing Words – Kelsey

Tarpum Bay

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in The Bahamas this January. Everyone on the trip felt so blessed to be given the opportunity to study abroad in such a beautiful place. There were a lot of unexpected things to happen during this short month, however all were good. Seeing what others call home is amazing. I appreciated getting to know the citizens of Eleuthera more than ever. The thing that I will cherish the most is all the conservations I had with all the people that I met. The Eleutheran people are willing to talk to you about anything whether it is their health status or their jobs or just giving some friendly advice. I think I learned the most from just people sharing their lives and telling stories good or bad. I especially loved the children and they loved us. From the endless piggy back rides given to all the hugs after ever school presentation I was really touched by their innocence and joy. With every school visit I felt like we really made a difference small or big. All the consequential people we were able to speak too, like Luci Baines Johnson, President Lyndon Johnson’s daughter at the Rotary, humbled me. I truly do think our wonderful group sparked something up on Eleuthera and I hope the island can keep moving forward to better health care and better Diabetes prevention and management. I loved all my fellow students that I spent the month with and we were under the instruction of two wonderful professors who gave us the irreplaceable gift of education and growth. I would absolutely recommend this course for a future study abroad student. I would tell them to be open-minded and cherish every moment during their time spent in The Bahamas. I learned that being apart of something bigger than yourself is rewarding and life changing. I learned to push myself to bigger and better things during this trip and will carry this from the rest of my life. I treasure the time that I had on the Islands of the Bahamas and truly feel that this month was extremely worthwhile.