Closing words- Taylor

Looking back on the blog entries throughout this trip, I am amazed at how much we accomplished in one short month. I read through the entries and remember exactly what I was doing and where we were. It was so awesome to see how much we have grown- both as individuals and as a group during this month.

My favorite parts of this trip were the home-stay and the wellness fairs that we put on for the community. I also loved to be out in the water snorkeling around or laying on the beach (who wouldn’t!). I liked the home-stay because I loved the fact that I got to totally immerse myself into someone else’s lifestyle and culture. Even though Carly and I had a totally different home-stay experience than most people, I feel like there was a reason for me going to stay with Shawn and Sandra. I know a lot of people from my hometown that would love to start a wellness center that is exactly what Shawn wants for Eleuthera. So I feel like I have some unfinished business in the Bahamas! I also loved the wellness fair that we put on because there was such a great turn out and that was what we had been planning the entire trip. It was great getting to see people that we had made connections with, and it was also great to see new faces. I was impressed with the people who came because they all seemed to know what their blood sugar/pressure/etc. levels were and I was under the impression that they did not know anything about it.

It was great to have free time on this trip too. It was awesome to get to explore the island and find some beaches that were amazing. Lighthouse Beach was breathtaking, and even smaller beaches like Sunrise and Sunset, which were right off of the marina. Snorkeling was also amazing of course. I just loved being in the water because it was so clear and warm and just as blue as anyone could imagine.

Taylor and Kelsey at Lighthouse beach

If a student were to go on this trip again, I would tell them that the biggest thing they should be aware of is “Bahamian Time”. I was aware of what it was, but I still really struggled with it while we were there. I think that my personality is just not that laid-back, but I felt like over time I started to get use to it.

I had the time of my life in the Bahamas. I came in to it with no expectations, and was not disappointed. I love the people and the atmosphere there. Everyone says hi, honks because they are being friendly and not suffering from road rage, and acts like they truly care about you and your life. I learned that life does not need to move 100 mph, and that if something doesn’t get done at that second- its not the end of the world! I also learned that its better to have people to rely on and work together with, instead of trying to be so independent and deal with everything alone. I would love more than anything to build a wellness center in Eleuthera, and then come back to the island and work at that clinic for a few years as a nurse or a diabetic educator. As evident, this trip really had opened my eyes to more experiences for me. Thank you Eleuthera!