Closing Words- Nick

Bermuda, Bahamas, Come On Pretty Mama

At the Ocean Hole in RockSound

My month in the Bahamas was an absolutely wonderful experience. I especially liked the fact that we were a service learning program. Presenting on health related issues in a foreign country is not only a great resume builder but dramatically increases leadership skills. Being immersed in the culture and constantly discussing the problems that Bahamians face I was able to present in a manner that they could understand. When you are providing a service to a population and especially to a wonderful island like Eleuthera, you come away with much more than pretty pictures and a nice tan. Our class really maximized our time in the Bahamas with service, learning and of course some leisure activities. My time in the Bahamas seems like a blur as we always had something to do every day and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The great thing about this trip was that everyone had some type of personal growth. From trying different types of food to overcoming a couple brutal stretches of ocean in a kayak. People were challenged and worked through things with surprising ease. I would recommend this trip to any and all students as the scenery could not be better for someone trying to step out of their comfort zone! 🙂