Last Day in Eleuthera

Last day in Eleuthera—it came way to fast. We went out with a bang, which of course is only to be expected with this group. A few of the students and staff went to breakfast as normal on this Wednesday at the Island School which consists of granola and milk. However, a few of the girls and I decided we were tired of granola for breakfast after eating it every day during our kayak trip so we went to the marina café for breakfast! The food was delicious, but unfortunately not very filling. However, we ignored our rumbling stomachs and continued on our day with a 2-mile bike trip to High Rock with the group! High Rock is one of the highest places in South Eleuthera and happens to be an excellent place to go cliff jumping (about 15 or so extreme feet!) Those that dared filed out one after the other again and again. It was great to watch some face their fears while others jumped without even thinking. In between jumps we played WHIP CREAM OLYMPICS—thanks to Annie and Travis for the idea. For those that don’t know; the game consists of a student placing a dollop of whip cream on the top of their hand and using their other arm to brace that arm as they shoot it up into the air for another player to catch in their mouth! Sounds easy—it’s not, as evidenced by the many faces and clothing smothered with delicious whip cream. It was hilarious to watch everyone attempt to catch the whip cream and then wash off after a quick jump into the clear blue ocean.

After our bike ride back the day went on slowly as we packed, cleaned the dorms and prepared to leave. We had our last lunch at the Island School which was amazing to say the least—pasta, garlic potatoes, bread, and salad! Yumm and yumm and well, yumm! A few of us spent our last few hours soaking up the sun at the marina or in the hammocks at Sunset Beach. It was beautiful, a perfect last day in Eleuthera spent with each other and the friends we had made during our stay at the school.

I know I can speak for everyone when I say we had an amazing time in Eleuthera and at the Island School. We have formed many friendships, made many memories, and experienced many new things during our time. I will forever remember this trip and am excited to come back in the future.

As of now, we are all safely at Orange Hill in Nassau. Electricity comes and goes, but luckily we are all ready for bed and no electricity is needed to do that! Another exciting day tomorrow—our last full day in the Bahamas—ah! See you soon Oregon!