Kayak Adventure: Day 1

Food preparations for the Kayak Trip- lunches

Day one of the kayak trip really started around then that morning after breakfast, we started by gathering the food that we were going to be needing for the three day excursion. Trying to tip toe around the kitchen ladies would prove to actually be one of the most challenging aspects of the entire trip. After packing our food we went down to our unpacked kayaks and learned how to do a wet exit as well as a deep water entry. The wet exit is maneuver that requires you to flip your kayak so that you are upside down under the water and then calmly releasing your splash skirt so you can slip out of your kayak and come up for air. For many of us this made us this was nerve wracking, but we all passed with flying colors and thankfully none of us had to actually use this practiced skill during the trip.


Once we loaded the kayaks we took off around 11:30 in the morning and began our paddle. The first hour was the most brutal leg that we had to complete, many of us were new to ocean kayaking and it took awhile for us to get the proper technique down. The distance that took us about an hour and fifteen the first day we were able to do in about 30 minutes on the way back. We were paddling against the current and into the wind, which played a huge role in our pace. After we stopped for a gourmet lunch of PB&J we paddled about two more hours to our campsite.

Once we reached the beach we would call home for the next two nights we set up tents and scavenged for fire wood. We then began to cook our first meal, which for most of the food groups consisted of pasta and red sauce. It soon became apparent that the hardest part about cooking was keeping sand out of our food. After dinner we set up a big bonfire and sat around for a while and played several rounds of a game called mafia. Even though I can say that I don’t think that ocean kayaking is for me the overall experience was a positive one and a great way to spend time as a group before we left the island of Eleuthera.