Day three of the kayak adventure

Kayaking off S. Eleuthera

The final day of the kayak trip started early with some granola and powdered milk. I think that we were all getting pretty tired of the granola at that point; I know that I opted for a Clif bar instead! We decided to get going early so that we could get back to the Island School in time for lunch so we didn’t have to have eat PB & J’s again. After Nick gracefully capsized into the water as we were leaving the shore, we were on our way home! The winds were luckily in our favor that day so it didn’t take as long as we were anticipating. After “poding up” multiple times and paddling our hearts out for about 2 hours we were back at school. You could tell how relieved everyone was feeling about getting back home, but then we had another couple hours of unpacking and cleaning. We had to spray down the kayaks, dunk all of the gear into fresh water, and unpack the food bags. I had to do that job- nothing more disgusting than 3-day warm cheese to throw away! After we had gotten most of the things put away it was time for lunch. We had some thai noodles that were pretty spicy but good, cabbage rolls and some beet salad thing. After lunch some people took naps and Kelsey and I went to the marina to do some laundry for our trip back to Nassau and home. After some people did loads of laundry we had to put away the rest of the kayaking stuff that had been drying all afternoon. We ended the night at our favorite restaurant Coco Plums. We had some friends from The Island School (Scott, Alex and Laura) as well as our friend Paulette come for dinner. It was so fun! We got to watch Avion (the owner) make some fresh conch salad, talked with his precious daughters, and then proceeded to dance for about an hour after eating! The restaurant surprisingly became a dance club while we were there, and it was the perfect ending to our time in Eleuthera. I am going to miss it!