Wellness Fair – Part 1

The Wellness fair has arrived! Today started off with the majority of us waking up early to work out before breakfast (the usual). After breakfast we were off to Rocksound to provide a wellness fair that included testing in blood pressures, BMI, percent body fat, blood glucose and grip strength. We set up in the market place in Rocksound and the fair went from 10 till 2. I’m guessing we had around 70 people come and get tested and we were able to collect results for about 60.

Testing Blood Glucose- Eleuthera

I was working with the blood glucose testing. During the blood glucose testing we found 5 people with high concentrations of blood glucose. We were then able to refer them to the local nurse Ms. Edwards (who was helping out at the wellness fair) for future diabetes testing. A lot of the people that came through were very scared of getting pricked and needed some reassurance or distractions to get past the fear of the needle. One lady even told me that she was allergic to needles… After the testing was over she said it wasn’t that bad. Overall this was a great opportunity to provide for the local people a free screening that can help regulate their blood glucose levels. A lot of the people that came through who had diabetes don’t regularly check there blood glucose. Some of the people haven’t checked their blood glucose in a month, some once a year. If you have Diabetes it should be tested  at least everyday and preferably before every meal.

When we got back to the Island School we had to get ready for our three day kayaking trip that we leave for Sunday morning. Things we had to pack were breakfast lunch and dinner for three days, at least 51 gallons of water, kayaking repair materials, tents for camping and cooking utensils for preparing meals. This took us several hours to get packed before we went to a bbq fundraiser in Tarpen Bay. This fundraiser was like a block party where everyone in the area came to supported a local 35 years old guy who had a firework exploded in his face after junkanoo. Drinks, chicken, mac and cheese, cake, cookies and fudge were all sold and the proceeds went to help out with costs for surgery. The block party was a lot we spent the majority of the time the guys played basketball with the kids and a lot of the girls danced with kids on the courts.