A looooong productive day

Today was the longest day that we have had yet! Early this morning we all left to go to the Windermere High school to present about type II diabetes. We had no idea what to expect, but we were told there was going to be two presentations. When we got to the high school we found out that there were 4 classrooms that we were expected to present in at the same time. Luckily we had all 12 students to present and they went very well. The school greatly appreciated our services and we were happy to teach the information to them.

After our presentations we drove to Governors Harbor and had a great lunch at a restaurant called Buccaneers. We eventually made our way up to road to the school for exceptional learners where we went to visit the students. This visit was unlike anything any of us expected. First of all the gate to the school was locked, which should have been our first indication that either it was there to keep people out or keep people in. Walking into the school we were overwhelmed with a lot of activity from the students, running around and being really loud. Finally, the teacher calmed the students down so they could introduce themselves. After our introductions we headed outside with our friend that we paired up with. I step outside and my friend took off running so I, in turn had to hurry behind her. All of us were outside beginning to play with our friends and all of a sudden I am hit, full force in the back with a soccer ball. And the chaos began. From then on more and more objects began flying in the air. Soccer balls, volleyballs, basketballs, hula hoops, rackets and racket balls began flying everywhere, while all of us college students began constantly yell, “heads”. Some of the rowdy boys began drop kicking the balls and doing flips over the fence, while the girls got out a parachute. When we were playing with the parachute a bigger built student walked under the chute and began pulling it away while a small girl was sitting on top of it, which we tried to stop. Around us balls continued to be drop kicked by the boys and I looked around to see everyone wide-eyed, trying to avoid getting hit by flying objects and I couldn’t help but laugh. The chaos continued and one of the girls from the school got hit with a racket and in turn got angry and threw down her arms, pulling one of the girl’s in our group shirt down. It seemed the students had no limitations on what they could do since they hit each other, jumped/flipped over fences, threw everything into the air, and overall were semi-dangerous. Drenched in sweat from playing outside we went to give the students a brief talk about diabetes, which consisted mostly of talking about healthy foods they can eat and activities they could do to stay active. This was our hardest audience by far, since they didn’t interact with us and we had no way to tell if they received our information.

After our eye-opening experience at the exceptional learner’s school we took another car ride to Glass Window Bridge where the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean meet. These two bodies of water didn’t exactly meet in this location (because rocks are in the middle) but it was amazing to see the differences between the two. The Atlantic side was really windy and the waves were crashing on the rocks, while the Caribbean side was calm and smooth. We explored the area for a while, until we took our next drive in the car up to the farthest part north, to the island called Spanish Wells. This was an interesting visit to a small, mostly Caucasian island that is 2 miles long and a half a mile wide. On this island are the descendants of the original settlers and we had heard that they like to try to reproduce with each other, not exactly mixing the genetic variation up much. It was a quick visit since we had a long trip back to Governors Harbor for or Rotary Club meeting.

Once the meeting started they had a variety of things on their agenda that they had to cover before we could talk about our topic. We listened, and it was interesting to sit in on a meeting where these people are in charge of trying to better their community and to hear their ideas. We also were surprised to find out that Luci Baines Johnson who is President Lynden B. Johnson’s daughter was the special guest of the evening. This was the first time I have even come in contact with someone who has a name of fame. Our group did great on our presentation and the ideas that we gave of different ways to help Eleuthera’s population with type II diabetes.

After our long day we went out for a fun night, which was refreshing and needed. It was a long day but it was a fun productive day as well. 🙂