A loooooong but awesome day

What an eventful day!! We woke up early and went to Windermere high school, expecting two presentations to be done. We arrived and found that there were four to be done, so everyone ended up having to talk to the students. I presented with Brody and Allison again, and I felt very welcomed by the group because they encouraged us to speak through the bells that ended their class. They all encouraged us to stay and answer questions even when they were on their break and it made me feel good! It was a bright group of students, and I enjoyed talking with them!

Then we went to lunch in Governor’s Harbor, I order a club sandwich. I needed something to fill me up for the rest of the day! Afterward, we went to the Center for Exceptional Learners, which is the special needs school on Eleuthera. I had heard that there was a Deaf student there at one point but they had left so I was most curious about that. When we arrived, I found out that that student had been transferred to a school in the states and was in the process of getting a cochlear implant. I talked a bit with the principal of the school to find out more, and I asked if she spoke sign language at all. He said that she had no one on the island to sign with, which was my assumption when I saw that the two conch farmers at Tarpum Bay and saw that they didn’t speak American Sign Language. It confirmed my ideas about the Deaf culture on Eleuthera, and then we got a bonus along with that! We were all able to go outside and play with the students for a while. It seemed more like a war zone than anything, with soccer balls and volleyballs flying everywhere until a parachute and hula hoops were brought out, along with tennis rackets with some lighter balls. It was like an ongoing dodgeball game trying to walk across the grass without getting hit, but I know that I had a great time. Christian was a hit with his juggling skills, and I think I may have been even more amused than the students were so thats a good sign. Brody and Christian made an impromptu presentation about diabetes to the students after we all went inside, props to them!


We had some time to spare before going to the Rotary Club meeting, so we all made a trip up to North Eleuthera! We visited the Glass Window Bridge, where one side of the bridge had very rough, dark water and the other side was light, smooth water, but my camera batteries ran out so I was a little bummed about that. It was very pretty either way though! Then we all drove even more north and took a ferry to the Spanish Wells. I would have to say that I am much more comfortable on Eleuthera, even though the Spanish Wells is a little more fit for tourists. It was a good experience overall though.

We took a ferry back and drove a while to arrive back in Governor’s Harbor in time for the Rotary Club meeting. They provided a delicious dinner and we had a special guest there, President Lynden B. Johnson’s daughter, Luci Baines Johnson, who gave a very inspirational speech to the people of Eleuthera! Then some of our group gave a

Eleuthera Rotary Club

little talk about diabetes and that group consisted of Brody, myself, Kelsey, Christian, and Don. We got a lot of positive feedback after the presentation so we were very proud about that. After, we finally planned a night of entertainment while we went to this place called the Beach House and saw some live music from a group called the Rum Runners, and I really enjoyed them and I think I speak for everyone else when I say it was a great performance. Then we headed back to Tarpum Bay, where we heard there was some karaoke…But we arrived and the karaoke machine was not working so it was just like any other place. I had a good time dancing though, and we danced mainly with a lady named Dani who had been extremely helpful with our group since we have been here on Eleuthera, so we had a great night overall. This has been the latest night we have had thus far so we will see how well we can wake up tomorrow morning!!