The calm before the storm part 2

Painting the Cobia

The girls had an unexpected wakeup call today with another college group leaving early so we were all up around 5am while the other girls packed up their things before they left. After they left, we all exercised or did laundry…I rode my bike to the beach at the Marina hoping to catch the sunrise while doing some sprints in the sand. Right when the sun started coming up, I realized that I wasn’t at the best place to see the sunrise so I got on the bike and rode as fast as I could to the beach at the Island School just in time to take some nice pictures of the sunrise! The group split back up today for the morning, with half of the group going to Deep Creek primary school, and the other 6 staying back to do some service projects. I stayed and the project was continuing to paint a boat that we have been helping Ron with. It was all white when we first got here, and now it is blue, white, yellow and black with the Bahamian flag on the top of the boat! It is looking very sharp. We had a minor setback with one person in the group this morning while the boys were swimming laps. Nick had a run in with a jellyfish, so he was a trooper and powered through all of the initial reactions he had and was able to join us for the afternoon when we took a trip to Lighthouse Beach!

We had heard a lot about this place, all good things. We also heard that it was a 20 minute drive, and a 2 mile walk from

Carly is ahead.

the main road…the drive and walk estimates were inaccurate, we think. The drive felt longer than 20 minutes, and the walk took us almost an hour so we thought we would never find the beach by the end of the walk. As soon as we came up over a little hill and saw the water though, the long walk was very much worth it. It was the prettiest beach I have seen since I have been here. We did some more walking to reach a different beach on the other side and played in the water. The guys came up with a variation of the game “crack the egg.” Usually it is played on a trampoline, but they all stayed balled up along the shore and let the waves knock them over and the last person to stay in a ball won. Amusing, to say the least. Then an extensive photo taking session took place where we dug someone into the sand, made a pyramid, did handstands, tried to get everyone in a jumping picture, and Christian did an impressive toe touch. We had heard about there being pink sand on Eleuthera, but we had yet to see any…and then today when we were swimming, we picked up a handful and noticed that there were pink specks all over so we finally saw the pink sand! So pretty, and it is the finest sand I have ever felt. The “2 mile” walk back was a little rougher because the no-see-ems were out and most of us had sandy feet but it was still nice to be up and moving for most of the day. I had a blast at the beach, and we luckily had some sun for our afternoon even though there was a little rain cloud over us right before we left. Tomorrow will be a very long day for all of us, so we will need to be getting our rest tonight!