The calm before the storm part 1

Deep Creek Primary School

Our presentation opportunities are coming to a close as half the crew headed up to Deep Creek Primary School for a session with the 3rd/4th grade class and 5th/6th grade class. There was so much energy and they were really excited to see our new faces that it was difficult to keep them calm, but overall we had a ton of fun and hopefully the classes learned something to take home to their families. The other half of our class spent the morning working on the shark boat at the Island School, it’s coming along great, being painted as the Bahamian national flag and colors. The scuba divers even had another chance to get in the water and work on cleaning algae from the bottom of the boats.

The afternoon was well spent on one of the best beaches we have ever experienced, Lighthouse Beach. This beach is located on the Atlantic side of the island, and it actually had the pink sand that everyone has been talking about! It was a long walk getting to it (approx. an hour) complete with chafing and blisters, but the time spent in the sun on the amazing beach which looked at high cliffs and palm tress was completely worth it. The guys had fun body surfing and rolling around in the crystal clear water while the girls sun bathed and took the occasional dip. Travis, Don and Christian had the great idea to bury Carly in the sand so that just her head was showing, which was surprisingly easy to dig the whole, and others joined in to make the sand body and other accessories. After a ton of pictures, we finally packed it up and headed back for a long awaited dinner.

Now with a little more free time at the Island School, we prepare ourselves for a very busy day full of excursions and presentations tomorrow. Everyone is having a great time relaxing and it looks as though a twilight trip to the marina is on the agenda, maybe we will see some sharks again!