Formal presentations and PTA: Part 2

Rock Sound Primary School

Our day started off as most of them do with exercise. We all are surprised at how easy it is to get up at 6:30 am and exercise for about 45 minutes every morning. It makes it that much easier to have a big group encouraging each other and the warm weather is always a plus (Sorry to rub it in to those back in the Northwest). Most of the group traveled to Rock Sound to today to talk to a 3rd grade class, 6th grade class, 9th grade class and 11th grade class. The ten of us split up as Jay was shuttled back and forth from the high school to the primary school. Personally, I am love talking to the younger ages because they are so eager to learn and very willing to listen. After the presentation the 3rd grade students will run up to you and hug you and want to feel your long hair and you can really feel looked up to in that moment. Now that we have been in Eleuthera for a good amount of time I actually recognized two faces in the 3rd grade, which is very comforting. Seeing familiar faces just brings us closer with the Eleuthera population and community. It really feels as though we have made relationships with these children and that is somewhat exciting. Overall the primary school presentations were a success but there is always room for improvement. We remind ourselves before and after every school presentation what the objectives and goals are of the presentation and really try to emphasis prevention. Diet and exercise are always highlighted in our talks and we try and make sure these points are hitting home for every student we talk to.

On our way back to island school we stopped at the ATM and market to load up on snacks and money. Some of us are not used to a strict schedule of three meals a day so we bought some snacks to tide ourselves over during our breaks between meals.

Carley and Christian were the two students who stayed back at Island school to watch a presentation that was given by another college that is staying here called Williams College in Massachusetts. Janet also stayed back to work on our presentation and to watch their presentation.

Formal presentation for Island Schools

After lunch at the Island school some of us got right into working and preparing for our presentation here. Each of us had a specific part of the presentation we were responsible for. However, this far into the trip most of us are comfortable talking about any part about our trip and about diabetes itself. I can really see all of us students getting better at public speaking and talking about diabetes. The presentation was a success and that lead us right into our mini wellness fair for Island School staff and the remaining students that are here. We all covered the different stations and it was great practice for our big wellness fair coming up this Saturday in Rock Sound for all of Eleuthera.

After our dinner we traveled just up the highway to Deep Creek Middle School to sit in on a PTA meeting that was taking place. The whole group thought we would be doing our normal lecture and discussion but that didn’t happen at all. We were introduced and that was all. Miscommunication and misunderstanding is something you have to learn while you are in the Bahamas. It gives all of us a lesson in being flexible as well as understanding in situations like this. All in all the day was productive and we all look forward to talking to Deep Creek Primary School tomorrow as well as a little free time at light house beach!