An adventurous start to the home-stays

As part of this course the students will be experiencing Bahamian life first hand through a three day (two night) stay at the home of a local family.  Island School’s community outreach coordinator, Dani Gibson, organized the home-stays for us.  As of yesterday one family had dropped out (they forgot).  As of this morning another family dropped out due to the Flu.  Dani did an amazing job and was able to contact two more families before we had to leave today- fantastic!

After Jay put air in the tires of the mini-bus we loaded up the students (who barely fit with all their gear) and headed out to find the family homes.  The following is an excerpt of the directions we received (pretty typical for the Bahamas):

Home #1: Go past the middle school and continue around bend (curves left) The home has a wall and white picket fence I think its brown/yellow and is two storey on the left.

Home #2:   When you arrive at the T junction make a left. They live in the 7th or 8th building on the right. The house is a single story white house with a garage and a large open yard.

Home #3:   From home #2 continue straight to the next community. There house is the first house white and green after the 1st paved left.

Home #4: From Home #3 continue on the road heading North. At the first round-a-bout take a right.  Continue East this road will lead into the next community. As you enter you will arrive at a cross road, there is a large poster of Olympian Chris Brown. turn right (south). Continue to the next T – junction  make left. They live on the left in a green and brown house.

Amazingly – these directions were actually right on. We only knocked on one wrong door! At the last home, the family asked Jay and I to join them and a group of nursing students (and their professors) from Emery University at the Fish Fry in Governors Harbor.  A great experience, loud music via DJ, BBQ pork and chicken, fried fish, fresh conch salad, peas and rice, slaw, potato salad and macaroni and cheese. All from a “shack” right on the beach. Carly and I danced with some Bahamian children before Jay and I headed home.  Although the Fish Fry was a fantastic experience, it was mostly attended by tourists- I was informed that the Bahamians would show up around 11 or midnight!

The students are all settled into their homes for the weekend.  We cannot wait to hear their adventures and stories about their home-stay experience.