Schools and Fish

Green Castle Primary School

Another wonderful day here in Eleuthera and we are all on our best behavior because board members for the Island School are visiting.  The day started out with a splash for most of our group who met up at 6:30 in the morning to play water polo.  Which I hear was a great time but, unfortunately, I didn’t manage to make it out of bed.   After breakfast, we split up into two groups, one to do a presentation at Green Castle primary school and the other to go to Tarpan Bay primary school.

Carly at Tarpum Bay Primary School

Both groups had a lot of success and thoroughly enjoyed working with this age group (4th-6th graders).  My group was able to play tag with the kids before the presentation and see the junkanoo costumes that they are preparing for the junior junkanoo on January 28th.  The sixth grade boys were, needless to say, a handful during the presentation as their teacher stepped out of the classroom for the hour.  They had a lot of great questions though and many shared stories of family members having to have both legs amputated or going completely blind from “the sugar”.  With each new classroom that we go to I am constantly surprised by the knowledge that the kids have.  After a very interactive talk about diabetes, the kids demonstrated their junkanoo dance for us.  It was great to see the enthusiasm and energy that they have for this event.  Also, many seemed very eager to come to our wellness fair on the 21st!

Octopus and Nassau grouper

Upon arriving back at island school, we were treated to an afternoon of snorkeling at Fourth Hole.  It’s a gorgeous beach that was about a two mile bike ride away and got its name from a golf course that used to be located there until it’s resort went under in the 70’s.  The inlet had shallow waters and a great reef, where many juvenile fish are located because they are not big enough and fast enough to handle the vast ocean yet.  We saw many schools of fish, octopuses, lionfish, and some even saw a baby nurse shark.  To add to the afternoon, there was a great swing hanging from a tree and some us tossed the football around as well.

We just finished getting a talk about our home stays, which we leave for tomorrow afternoon.  This weekend, in pairs of two, we will be staying at different Bohemian households in different settlements along the coastline.  This for me, and many others, is one of the things that we have been looking most forward to during the trip.  There is a lot of anticipation and I’m very excited to get a closer look at their culture and make new relationships.  Each of us will be posting how the weekend goes when we return!