Schools and Fires

Central Eleuthera High School

Today the girls skipped our morning workout and decided to sleep in, which to us meant waking up at 7:15 rather than 6:15. We spent the day separated into two groups of six my group, consisting of Travis, Taylor, Rosemarie, Brody and Carly, spent most of the day presenting to a 7th and an 8th grade class in Central Eleuthera High School. This was our first real presentation and Travis, Carly and I presented to the seventh grade group first. The presentation, though a little disorganized, went well and really took off once we got the kids to interact. The second group, Rosemarie Taylor and Brody, did an amazing job and were able to get the students asking questions and wanting to get involved.

Rosemarie and Dino at KC's Bakery

It has been an amazing experience being able and allowed to go into places like the schools and the local clinic and learning about the culture in a hands on way. One thing that I love about the people here is the fact that everyone waves or says hi to us. The people have been so friendly and willing to answer any questions that we have for them. Today when we went to a bakery in Tarpum Bay when we all walked in and started to ask questions and check out their baked goods we were asked if any of us would want to come back and help bake. Travis, Rosemarie and Brody decided that they wanted to help and were immediately put to work. It seems as though these people have a huge sense of pride in what they do and are eager to share it with us, whether it be baking, fishing, or running the local supermarket.  We ended today as a group making S’mores around a bonfire on the beach. Don managed to find a guitar and we sat and attempted, some better than others to sing along, while Erika beat boxed. The group of fourteen that we have on this trip are an amazing and highly entertaining bunch of people and I am excited to spend the next two weeks with them.