On to the Out Islands – part 1

Today was a travel day for our group so we had a free day up until we left at 2:30. Having only been in the water once and desperately needing a tan, all of us headed down the hill for a much needed beach day! After only being in the sun for a half hour, I could already feel a sunburn coming on as the sun is much stronger here in the Bahamas.
Our small thirty seat island hopper plane was a casual thirty minutes late boarding without any notification. This is typical when operating in “Bahamian time.” Some of the members in our group have never gone out onto a tarmac to board a plane so that was a new experience for many. After a quick twenty minute flight we landed in Eleuthera!
We were greated by our hosts here at the Island School where we will be staying for the next two and a half weeks. The Island School is absolutely amazing! Located in a remote area on Eleuthra’s southern end, the school is 100% sustainable. Producing waste is not an option and the Island School is dedicated to not having an environmental impact and lives by the motto, “leave no trace.” We are sharing dorms with a group from Williams College in Massachusetts, who are studying nutrition and diet in the Bahamas. Hopefully we will be able to share useful information with each other and enhance each groups learning experience. Having arrived late in the evening we ate dinner and are headed to an early bed with a full day coming in the morning. The campus here is absolutely beautiful and will be a very inspiring place to study at for the next few weeks. 🙂