Do you think food might be a factor?

Just a guess- but after sampling a restaurant with traditional bahamian fare- I am pretty sure we have identified at least one contributing factor for the high diabetes rates:

This was our combined meal tonight:

Start with fresh baked bread that is extra sweet.  How do you make your bread so sweet?  “Just add more suga”!  Add a small green salad with a choice of creamy garlic, thousand island (“Mayo and Ketchup) or oil and vinegar.

Main Courses:

  • Fish fingers (breaded and fried grouper)
  • Cracked Conch (breaded and fried conch)
  • Fried Snapper
  • Minced Crawfish
  • Curry Chicken
  • Conch chowder
  • Crab salad

Pick Two sides– the sides alone take up half of a large plate!

  • Corn (the sweetest corn you have ever tasted)
  • Baked macaroni and cheese
  • Peas and Rice (seasoned white rice with beans)
  • Potato Salad

Fish Fingers w/ peas and rice,  corn and macaroni and cheese.

Fish Fingers

Fried Red Snapper

Conch Burger