My name is Travis Kinane, and I am from Beaverton, Oregon. I’m finishing up my last year at Linfield College while majoring in Exercise Science with a minor in Biology. I chose to major in Exercise Science because the sciences and sports have always interested me. After graduation I hope to further my education in becoming a physician assistant. I have enjoyed my education at Linfield because I believe it have provided me with a lot of hands on experience and has challenged me to think out side the box. In my spare time I love playing all sorts of sports, at Linfield I played basketball for two years and last year ran track. I also love the summers because I have the time to travel, go hiking, hang out with friends and to read. I’m the youngest of four siblings with two sisters and one brother. My family loves animals and actually owned an organic pet food store for several years.

I am super excited about this trip! This is great opportunity to experience a different culture and to teach as well as learn about Type II Diabetes. I’m really looking forward to spending time and getting to know the students that are also enrolled in this course as well as the home stays, and the different type of food in the Bahamas (Conch)!  Our professors have also planned some pretty sweet activities for us to do while we are in the Bahamas, which includes a three-day kayaking trip in the Caribbean, and to visit the amazing Atlantis resort.