My name is Don DeFrang and I am a senior from Port Angeles, WA. I have enjoyed Linfield’s exercise science program, living in the Willamette Valley, and exploring the Pacific Northwest. I chose Linfield because I wanted the ability to minor in music while majoring in science. I emphasize my efforts on the cello with the Linfield Chamber Orchestra and various other ensembles; however, I also play the guitar and piano and enjoy performing with friends, for friends and the Linfield community. I have also really enjoyed the exercise science program, its balance of theory and application, and the opportunities that have arisen in the wake of my studies, hence this trip to the Bahamas!

I have been looking forward to this time that I will spend with a talented and outgoing group of peers, and I feel that only great and interesting things can happen. I hope that we can accomplish our goals that we set out to achieve, making connections between a lifestyle and the prevalence of type II diabetes in the Bahamas. I am really excited to see a health care system that is different from the United States, an economy that is so dependent upon tourism, and the natural scenery of the Bahamas.  It sounds like we will have to be flexible as a group and be ready for change, which can be better than sticking to a strict itinerary as it keeps a trip like this interesting and impromptu. I am probably most nervous for presentations in front of a foreign population, but the experience will be good and hopefully we can offer something that the community can take away.