Hello! I’m Carly Cunningham and I was born and raised in Sisters, Oregon, where my mother home schooled both my brother and I. I stayed very busy doing sports, playing the piano and raising sheep for 4H. When we moved to Vancouver, WA, the bigger city brought about many changes, such as public school. In my senior year of high school I was immediately drawn to Linfield when looking for a college. What really caught my eye was the great opportunities available for a nursing program and for traveling abroad, both of which I am now lucky enough to be doing! After completing two years of prerequisites at Linfield’s McMinnville campus, I began attending their Portland nursing campus. I knew that I wanted an active job where I got to interact with others and always be learning new things, but I was not positive that nursing was going to be right for me. Thankfully, after completing many clinicals and working with patients, I am positive that this is the right path for me. I’ll be graduating this May with my Bachelor of Science in Nursing and am very excited to begin my career as a nurse and be able to help others.

This trip will be my first abroad experience and it is something that I have looked forward to for a long time. This class in particular really excites me because it will give me a different perspective of how another culture handles health problems and how to best work with them. In addition, I love swimming and can not wait to soak up some sun and go snorkeling and kayaking while I’m there. I hope to do a lot of traveling in my future, possibly as a traveling nurse, so I’m very ready for my first adventure! Other interests of mine are being in the outdoors, wakeboarding, and being around my wonderful family, friends, and dog.