I am a senior at Linfield College and am majoring in exercise science. This major first caught my attention when I took anatomy my freshmen year. I have always loved being active and had just started to realize how a good diet and daily activity really benefited my body and the way I felt. Initially I wanted to be a nutritionist, but started to focus more on the exercise portion and fell in love with it.

I grew up in Colorado but have always spent the summers in Newport, RI, this is where my love of the ocean began. I love any activity that can be done in the water and have spent time learning how to do anything from windsurfing to scuba diving to surfing. My love of the beach was what initially motivated me to apply for this Jan term class, I also love working with people and was excited to hear that we got hands on experience working with the Bahamian people. I love to travel and experience cultures different from my own and am excited to experience it with the group of people also involved in this program.