Hello! My name is Allison Koepsell and I am a student at Linfield College. I am 19 years old and a sophomore this year. I grew up in Kent, Washington near Seattle with my parents and younger sister. I plan on majoring with a Bachelor in the Science of Nursing. I have always wanted to work as a nurse, because of my fascination with medicine and love for helping people. I was influenced by my mother who is a nurse, because I saw how rewarding the job can be. Next year I will be going up to the nursing school to start the major-focused classes and I cannot wait!

I am so excited for this class! It is going to be an amazing opportunity where I get to stay in a gorgeous place for a month, while learning and teaching locals about type II diabetes (which of course goes along with my fascination of medicine.) Being able to help educate the locals on a disease that they are unfamiliar with, yet so many have, will be a great opportunity that I will never forget. I cannot wait to meet new people and get to know my fellow classmates all awhile in the island of the Bahamas! I am also excited to do many of the fun activities we have planned while there such as scuba dive, snorkel, ride bikes, kayak/camping trip, fish, and many other things that we north-westerners don’t normally get to experience.

Outside of school I enjoy hanging out with friends, baking, running, hiking, photography, and traveling. I love to just sit and read a good book or go outside and enjoy fresh air. I love getting to know people and going to different places to learn about other cultures. I have been lucky enough to experience different cultures with my family when we get several European countries, which was an incredible experience. The lifestyle is very different and I imagine I will see the same while in the Bahamas. This will be the most time I have spent immersed in a culture and I am ecstatic to be able to be a part of it.