Hi my name is Kelsey Franklin and I was born and raised in Gresham, Oregon. I have played volleyball since I was eight years old and I just finished my last season at Linfield this past fall semester. I chose Linfield College because I knew I wanted to major in Exercise Science and I love the small college feel. Throughout my four years at Linfield I have appreciated the small faculty to student ratio because I have built relationships with all my professors, which has made a huge impact on the success of my learning. I like trying new things and taking risks once and awhile. I am a snow skier as well as a water skier. Hiking and biking are also things I enjoy participating in. I try to live by the words of Eleanor Roosevelt, “Do something everyday that scares you.”

One thing that excites me about this course is everything that my professors have already planned. We are planning to educate in classrooms and stay in homes and help families make better nutritional choices. We have some fun activities planned as well like a three-day ocean kayak excursion and a trip to the wonderful Atlantis Resort and Hotel. However, something more exciting than the planned is the unplanned. The relationships we will build within the group as well as the Bahamian people of Rock Sound, Eleuthera. All the unplanned hurdles that we will have to overcome. Perhaps we will have to schedule last minute lectures that will have to be put together on the spot. These unplanned, impromptu scenarios that will pop up in our trip will be the most exciting part of all. I cannot wait for all the adventures that await us in the coming month.