First Lesson: Flexibility

I am sitting in my living room with the fire roaring and candles lit splitting my time between reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and preparing for our very fast approaching JT class in the Bahamas. We will be traveling for the entire month of January!  We have been either on the phone or sending emails multiple times a day to confirm class sessions or meeting with this person or that group. Some of the final arrangements are on hold as most of our contacts have taken time off during the holidays.  As is typical in the Bahamas- things are not set in stone until they happen. Our schedule is and will be constantly under flux.

Our first lesson for the course is flexibility.  Understanding that intentions are always good and being able to go with the flow is a necessity.  Our need for adapting and flexibility has already been tested as we are still waiting for some supplies to be delivered- including our international cell phone that was supposed to be here last Tuesday….perhaps the Bahamian way is already affecting us. The students have been warned of the concept of Bahamian Time.

We are set to leave late on Tuesday evening- just five days away.  There are a lot of preparations to be done between now and then – packing all the supplies is perhaps the most involved.   We will be spending the first few days in Nassau examining the culture, socio-economic issues and health care system in the largest city on the islands.  After a few days of cultural immersion in the big city we will head over to the Family Island of Eleuthera where we will immerse ourselves in Out-Island life.  We will have opportunities to visit clinics and schools and meet with health educators in the more remote areas.  We have a busy schedule planned for our time on Eleuthera.

All in all- as we continue with the preparations, ensuring all the paperwork is in order and that we know where we are going next – we are reminded that “t’ings are different in the Bahamas” and we must remain flexible.